What is this department?

This offers you the opportunity to serve for a period of time, either a short or a long one. If you desire to serve in Romania, we can accommodate you as well as your mission team.

How does it work?

Gather interested people and come to join our work. We will handle all of your program planning.

How many people can come?

We recommend a number of minimum 5 people, but we also had groups of 25. There are also people who come on their own.

For how long?

In order to have maximum efficiency, we recommend the teams to allocate for the trip a minimum of 7 days, depending on where they come from, knowing that the teams coming from distant countries feel for a while the timezone difference. The teams can come for only 5 days as well, but in all those cases when they’ve done so, the teams have wished they could have spent more days here.

What can I do in Romania?

Our Ministry Center is still in renovation phase, therefore some teams were helping with different projects. Here is a list with what we’ve done in the past along with the teams:
• Masonry • Interior improvements • Paving sidewalks • Planted grass • Painting • Gardening

We have many ongoing projects, therefore if you are interested, contact us! Also, access our web page and see which are the ongoing construction projects.

What are the costs?

The costs cover the plane tickets, accommodation, food and ministry expenses – as well as the transport here and the needed materials. The prices differ based on the season, the time spent here and the type of the activities you are interested in. Get in touch with us and we can help you with computing the costs.

How others find it:

„Through this trip, God put in my heart the adoption and mission. For sure, these things will be part of my life. Also, I was challenged to merely do what God asks from me, no matter what it would be, without analyzing too much before acting.” -Chris Cauffman

„God put on my heart the desire and the need to pray and intercede for Romania. He especially urged me to pray for the government to grant access in hospitals to those who want to come and hold the abandoned babies in their arms.”
-Laura Hilp

„Following this trip I am more thankful for my family and the love I receive at home, knowing the children from here who don’t get love. I even want to remember to pray for these children and staff from here and to not merely forget all of these once arrived back home, in my comfort zone.”
-Karryn Lane

For more information, contact us to the address: AriseRomania@ywamcluj.ro

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